Motionless Turbine Can Power Houses

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Wind power without stroboscopic effect A box was developed in Texas that captures the wind, amplifies it, and then generates electricity inside. Without noise and without spoiling the landscape. One box has an output of 5000 watts and supplies electricity even at night and in the dark season. Until now, anyone who wanted to generate their own electricity at home had to rely on solar. The construction of your own small wind power plant is subject to strict requirements as … Continue reading “Motionless Turbine Can Power Houses”

Quick Power System

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What you now need to know about solar systems. Energy is scarce and extremely expensive. Some people can hardly wait to live as energy self-sufficient as possible. Gladly also with a solar system on your own roof. But most of them lack the basic knowledge to plan and implement the thing successfully. Here are the top tips. Electricity prices are chasing from one record to the next. And to make matters worse, Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck was recently … Continue reading “Quick Power System”

Wind Turbines Without Rotors

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No rotor blades: Spain is building the next generation of wind power plants! A new type of turbine could replace the traditional design of wind turbines. The special thing about it: The wind turbines work without rotor blades and instead generate energy through vibrations. According to the United Nations, global growth in wind energy must triple in the next ten years in order to achieve climate neutrality. However, traditional wind turbines have struggled to make a significant contribution to this … Continue reading “Wind Turbines Without Rotors”

Power Plant of the Future?

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Enough electricity for half of Europe. Have you ever heard of blue energy? Climate change as well as the Ukraine conflict and the existing dependence on Russia make it necessary to expand renewable energies and to consider innovative ways of generating energy. Water is also considered the elixir of life: why not use water as a source of energy? However, according to the Federal Environment Agency in 2021, electricity generation from hydropower accounted for only 8.2 percent of the renewable … Continue reading “Power Plant of the Future?”

4x More Power With Wood!

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German super wind turbine revolutionizes wind power! The world’s most powerful wind turbine will soon be built in China. It will have a total output of 16 MW!A total of 21,000 households are supplied in this way. But a German technology of all things could do this explode values. The approach, which was tested for the first time in Germany, could be built higher, lighter and more cost-effectively the whole thing is also more environmentally friendly! We are headed for … Continue reading “4x More Power With Wood!”

47.6% Efficiency – World Record!

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Latest Fraunhofer solar cell breaks all records! Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute broke the world efficiency record for solar cells a few days ago. A value of 47.6% was measured in the laboratory! In photovoltaics, the efficiency indicates what percentage of the light can be converted into electricity. This value depends on the substances used! Over 90% of solar cells are made of silicon! This is not the case with the world record solar cell. In general, there are more … Continue reading “47.6% Efficiency – World Record!”

Hydropower Revolution!

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New TUM power plant from Munich in operation! A new power generation concept from the Technical University of Munich could revolutionize hydropower. The new building is structurally compact, extremely cheap and has an efficiency of 86%. It therefore supplies significantly more electricity than conventional power plants. And besides, this approach is supposed to do that solve the biggest problem of hydropower! The shaft power station! The first power plants are already in use and alone supply entire communities in Bavaria! … Continue reading “Hydropower Revolution!”

GDI TEAM ELITE Partnership

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Congratulations to our newest member: Ismaila Hello and welcome, before reading my Blog-Post I highly recommend to go to Luis’s and Robin’s GDI WordPress Blogs located here: Please read all information carefully to get the most out of GDI TEAM ELITE,additionally read my own Blog-Post as follows – Thank you. The Power of Traffic Exchanges Please do not ignore the power of Traffic Exchanges. There are thousands of them withTenthousands or more visitors and surfers on a daily basis. … Continue reading “GDI TEAM ELITE Partnership”