Wind Turbines Without Rotors

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No rotor blades: Spain is building the next generation of wind power plants! A new type of turbine could replace the traditional design of wind turbines. The special thing about it: The wind turbines work without rotor blades and instead generate energy through vibrations. According to the United Nations, global growth in wind energy must triple in the next ten years in order to achieve climate neutrality. However, traditional wind turbines have struggled to make a significant contribution to this … Continue reading “Wind Turbines Without Rotors”

Power Plant of the Future?

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Enough electricity for half of Europe. Have you ever heard of blue energy? Climate change as well as the Ukraine conflict and the existing dependence on Russia make it necessary to expand renewable energies and to consider innovative ways of generating energy. Water is also considered the elixir of life: why not use water as a source of energy? However, according to the Federal Environment Agency in 2021, electricity generation from hydropower accounted for only 8.2 percent of the renewable … Continue reading “Power Plant of the Future?”